Trash Service

Seward, KS

Taking out the trash has got to be the most common chore in all homes. You want to get rid of the waste your home produces in order to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone going in and out of your house. Chism's Trash Service is a garbage collection service provider operating in Kansas and serving residents of Great Bend, Ellinwood, Pawnee Rock, Hoisington and Seward, KS. We are a dedicated team of individuals whose sole purpose in business is to ensure your waste is properly hauled and disposed of.
Chism's Trash Service strives to ensure your planet and the world at large is a better place. We are committed to providing responsible and reliable waste disposal and recycling services, all which are offered at a professional level and at an affordable price.
Our business is guided by four essential core values —to be resourceful, reliable, responsible and relentless in every aspect of our business. Our highly trained employees are constantly reminded of these principles by regularly undergoing training in new technologies and techniques, and this ensures work runs smoothly.
Our work doesn't end at garbage collection as is the case with most trash pickup providers. We won't simply pick up your trash and dump it somewhere — we go that extra mile to ensure all your trash is properly disposed of by hauling it off to a certified recycling facility.
Our fleet of vehicles are all late model and are regularly serviced by professionals to ensure nothing goes wrong as we make your world cleaner. We are punctual and always try our level best not to interfere with your normal life as we serve you.
If you'd like to book our services or have questions regarding Chism's Trash Service, then we welcome you to call us today. We promise you an experience that is both unique and beneficial.